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Stick to nature

Mia's Co. has always adhered to a firm belief in nature. As a B Corporation certified company, not only we are constantly advancing in the pursuit of product recyclability, we insist on using natural plant waxes from the United States to create our scented candle products. By working with perfumer Léonard Barthet, we collaborated to use phthalate-free fragrance in order to give you a unique scents experience. We are proud of meticulous craftsmanship, ethical production and reasonable prices.

Our Mission

Our mission is inspired by two simple ideas: the growing physical distance between people and how we could create that solves this problem. We searched internally and looked to our basic needs and senses. Aroma is something that people use for a variety of reasons like healing or meditation. Aroma can also help spark a recollection of memories you may have forgotten. In such a way we found the simple senses to be a way to reconnect with our memories and those from which our memories are inspired; thus, our candle was produced. With an unending collection of continuous callbacks, we hope to eventually create one candle that satiates any personal experience. 

Memeroy Stories

Discover the unforgettable moments our candles create with our cherished clients.

The Scent of Home

I'll never forget walking into my new home in the Bay Area for the first time. After years of living abroad, I longed for a sense of familiarity. The moment I stepped in, I was greeted by the soothing scent of grapefruit from the candles they had carefully selected. It instantly reminded me of my grandmother's kitchen, and a wave of nostalgia washed over me. It was more than a fragrance; it felt like a warm embrace, welcoming my family and me to our new beginning.

An Anniversary to Remember

Our 25th wedding anniversary was approaching, and my husband and I wanted to recreate the magic of our wedding night. We turned to Mia's Co. for help. They chose candles with the soft fragrance of jasmine and rose, mirroring my wedding bouquet. Lighting those candles felt like stepping back in time. Each flicker brought a flood of beautiful memories from our special day, reminding us of our journey and the love that grew stronger with each passing year. It was an unforgettable anniversary, all thanks to the ambiance those candles helped create.

Serenity in My Space

As a yoga instructor, creating a tranquil space at home was crucial for me. I wanted a sanctuary for practice and meditation. Mia's Co. Candle introduced me to their lavender and scented candles. The moment I light them, my room transforms into a haven of peace. The gentle fragrance calms my mind, enhancing my meditation and helping me connect deeper with my inner self. These candles are not just an accessory in my space; they are an essential part of my daily ritual to find serenity.