From a Spark to Elegance

Discover the Journey of Love, Design, and Innovation

Where Love Inspires Design

At Mia's Home Collection, we believe that design transcends aesthetics. Our approach is deeply embedded in UX principles, aiming to enhance the living experience. We craft spaces that are not just visually stunning but also offer a tangible vision of a future home. It's a philosophy that sees every room as a narrative waiting to unfold, every piece of furniture a character in a larger story of comfort and style.

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Mia Wang

Candles That Kindled a Legacy

The Spark of Mia’s Co.

In 2020, Willem and Mia's separation across continents led to the birth of Mia’s Co., a candle studio symbolizing love and connection. These candles, more than mere sources of light, represented Willem's affection and creativity. This heartfelt enterprise laid the foundation for Mia’s Home Collection, embodying a story of love transcending distance and sparking creative passion.

From Candles to Contemporary Design

The Rise of Mia's Home Staging

Evolving from Mia’s Co., 2022 marked the launch of Mia's Home Staging. Transitioning to home staging, the brand infused UX principles into its offerings. This innovative approach created living spaces that resonated beyond aesthetics, establishing Mia’s Home as a bastion of contemporary, emotive home staging service in the Bay Area.

Embracing the Future of Design

Defining Modern Elegance

By 2023, Mia's Home Collection epitomizes contemporary elegance in home design. Blending modern lines with inviting aesthetics, the brand crafts spaces that are visually stunning and emotionally resonant. Each piece and curated space reflects a commitment to excellence, innovation, and the rich legacy of a journey that began with a simple candle.