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Rose Garden Candle

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A Scent For Every Memory

Rose Garden Candle

A lively garden of fruit and flower that lasts all year long. One of our favorite scents comes from the sweetness of flowers. Mostly, floral scents are powerful aromatics that are lovely but quite strong. We believe this aroma perfectly captures the delicate sweetness in flowers mixed with the abundancy of a full garden. This scent combines the best parts of any fragrance to take advantage of all sensory properties and use your olfactory abilities.

45 Hrs

Average burn time

7.5 Oz

Soy wax with natural scents


Pure handcrafted in USA

Our Story

Origin of Branding

In 2020, Willem and his fiancée Mia suffered from being separated and unable to spend time together. He decided to use candles as a means to convey his feelings to his lover across the ocean. Coincidentally, this led to an inspired candle studio named after his fiancée: Mia’s Co.

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